Sunday, 3 July 2011

Canyon Nerve XC Review - After a couple of months now

It has been a while, I mean't to complete a while ago, sorry if you have been checking back regularly.

The bike is still going well I never got those wider bars. After a couple of outings in the woods in Bristol and near by, I think I can cope with the narrower (680mm) bars for the sake of squeezing through the narrow gaps between the trees - for now anyway.

The kit that comes with the bike is all so decent there is nothing that I have altered on it really, I added a bottle cage, an old specialised rib cage - its a good design, a single stiff plastic loop that holds the bottle firmly and doesn't bend out over time either - mine is about 5 years old and still good, its also really light - Anyway not that exciting an addition - must be getting old, I will be looking at securing a pump and possibly a frame pack in the next few months. Other than that its completely stock which looks dull and I don't have that sense of ownership you get from customising a bike. So Apart from the bottle cage nothing new to add. Tyres still good, slightly narrow bars still on and generally really enjoying have a light bike, especially now its a bit warmer out.

Finally got some pics of my bike in action that my pal took to test out some of his new light rigs. We had battery packs and cables and even an assistant for moral support. I felt very special.

Its hard to tell from this pic but the front is quite low, which is good for hammering flat trails as fast as you can go and the bike really encourages it, in fact it has made me quite an antisocial rider.

As I write this a bundle of newer and even more expensive than the year before bikes have come out that have only served to reinforce my opinion that the bike really is top value. so a few months in no issues to report.

I was whining last time about the cranks getting scuffed. It was one of those niggling things that they scuffed up really quick, I am happy to report their condition has stabilised. I think its a combination of less pedal strikes as I have adjusted my riding style to accommodate the lower BB and I think I have stopped looking at their now scuffed up carbon loveliness. In any case here they are are -

Duffed up and dusty!


  1. Taylor, I've got to agree, what a quality ride the Canyon is (just after a few weeks) and I see they've actually sold out of the Nerve XC 9's for med and large.

    One thing I did note on the bikeradar forum and what I see on your crank picture is an issue with the rear brake cable routing over the BB rather than underneath. It can scratch/cut the frame...see here

    It's an easy job to do, just unclip from the downtube, follow the cable under the BB and zip tie it to the other cable. Also used some helicopter tape.

  2. Hi Tim, thats interesting they sold out - It's kind of nice to know that you aren't going to see it half price after the summer. I looked at that pic, will be rerouting that cable shortly.

    Further update the carbon post arrived the other day, they didn't have one in when I ordered it, its a nice looking Syncros unit.

    Again thanks for commenting, let me know how you get on with the new steed.

  3. ...or Canyon might have realised they aren't charging enough and decide to put their prices up in the autumn (if they had any stock left) ;)

    Still got that new bike feeling after a month or so and the riding remains sweet even if the lungs are still 'bedding' in. Need to visit a trail centre at some point as the 120 travel seems unfazed on local trails. Sounds like you pushed the bike to its limits on some of the downhills in the Lakes Taylor..?

    Finding the summer just means a dust down after a ride with the occasional lube. Fork Juice seems to do a good job on the stanchions but presumably you can get away with a basic silicon spray, lasts ages in anycase.

    If I had to have a grumble about something it would probably be the grips so an upgrade there might be an idea.

    Like you, I also had the carbon post delay but it came quickly and they said I could keep the Iridium post.

  4. Interesting read - I have a Commencal Meta which has never really been the right shape for me but which I also think is too much bike for what I ride. A spell on a hardtail with 100 mm forks felt really good when the bike was in the shop. I'm very tempted by the Nerve XC 8. The 9 (which I assume is what you've got) looks great but I reckon I'd only end up downgrading bits (eg mech) when the existing kit needed replacing. I can't, however, help but be tempted by the AM version so it's good to know that you feel the XC is enough bike for most riding in the UK...!

  5. Hi, sorry for the late reply, you have probably made your mind up on what to go for now anyway. I was also fairly torn about which bike to go for, the AM seems like better value almost more suspension and a dropper post for similar money. Given that you are finding the Meta a bit too much bike I would go with the XC. Apart from really rocky fast descents I never find the bike wanting. The fork is so controlled that it handles most stuff better than my old 150mm Revelations did. The main difference is the front end is significantly lower and stuff feels steeper because of this, its not an issue, more a comment. For 90% of the riding I do including lots of technical stuff, Im not one for fire road hacks, its great. Thanks for your comment.